2010-11 Sculpture Competition

Windsock for the Aliens

Windsock for the Aliens

Artist: Wayne Trapp, Vilas, NC
Media: Stainless Steel
Location: The Downtown Center

I have too many curiosities and too many dreams to live through my sculpture. As a result, I work with many different materials: steel, aluminum, bronze, stone and for this sculpture, stainless steel.

All landing sites need "wind socks" and it seemed this sculpture would make a nice one for any aliens visiting from the universe.

Wayne Trapp has been making and exhibiting sculpture for more than 40 years. From his studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Boone, NC, he created works for many universities including Duke, University of Virginia and Ohio State. Grounds for Sculpture, Mint Museum and Hunter Museum own his work.

Visit waynetrapp.com to learn more about Wayne Trapp.



Artist: Dale L. McEntire, Saluda, NC
Media: Tennessee Marble, Steel & Concrete
Location: Bristol Tennessee Courthouse

Creating sculptures for me is an exciting and satisfying experience. A movement of painters and sculptors I define as "Nature Symbolist" has inspired me to create work that goal is to express the essential quality of nature. For me this is a spiritual connection that is underneath the obvious form and can be sensed with tiume and awareness. My focus is to refine my own personal language of this inner form and create an object of beauty and skill. Surface and line are important elements I am engaged with. The mediums I use most are glass, steel and stone. I find these materials have their own qualities and are enduring over time.

The history of stone in art is a long and evolving story that I greatly respect and am pleased to have the opportunity to be involved with,. I use both air tools and hand tools creating my stone sculpture. The process of taking raw material and removing outer layers to reveal the inner life fits well with my goals to bring out the essence of a subject.

A native of Western North Carolina, Dale has been involved in the visual arts since his training at Mercer University, and has continued to evolve as an artist through private studies in the U.S. and Europe, and training at Penland School of Craft. His interest in the spiritual essence of nature can be seen in his use of color and form. Dale produces both oil and pastel paintings and sculpture (stone, steel, glass, bronze) out of his studio in Saluda, North Carolina. He is represented by galleries in Western North Carolina and the Southeast, and for the past several years has participated in public art events and outdoor sculpture shows. Dale is a member of Mountain Sculptors in Asheville, N.C. and Try State Sculptors, and teaches painting at a local community college.

Visit dalemcentireart.com to learn more about Dale L. McEntire.



Artist: Adam Walls, Pembroke, NC
Media: Painted Steel

As an artist I am motivated to produce work that has a high degree of physicality, interactive opportunity, and introspection. I am often inspired by pop culture items such as toys, comics, and science fiction, though my work can at times be purely inspired by some personal relationship that I have with a friend or a family member.

Adam Walls has graduated with a BFA in Art Education from Limestone College in Gaffney South Carolina in 1996 after which he taught art both privately and through the public school system in South Carolina. Adam's love of escapist fantasy was apparent in his drawings and paintings for several years, but after taking a ceramics course he found that depicting his love and inspiration could also exist in three dimensional forms.

Adam's love for construction and building sculptural forms lead him to leave education and to pursue his MFA in Sculpture from Winthrop University in Rock Hill SC in 2005. Since that time Adam's work has been shown in sculpture parks, universities, and in exhibitions across the country. Adam is currently head of Sculpture Program at UNC-Pembroke in Pembroke NC.

Visit sculpturebyadamwalls.com to learn more about Adam Walls.



Artist: Carl Billingsley, Ayden, NC
Media: Painted Steel
Location: WCYB Fountain Plaza

Topdisk represents a new interest on my part in exploring color in sculpture. My new series of sculptures, titled "Prism," is based on color theory and is specifically designed to exploit
color as a dynamic and constantly changing play of hues, which vary as the light conditions change every hour of every day. Images of the Prism series sculptures show how the color changes with changing light conditions.

Scientifically, color can be understood as the spectrum of light waves that we see as colors, all of which combine to make light. These colors create diversity in our environment, and shape and enliven our world. The colors in the sculptures play off of each other and other colors in the environment in very complex and dynamic ways. This play of color adds another level of energy to the dynamic of three-dimensional form and provides a constantly changing appearance to each sculpture.

Carl Billingsley was born in Oklahoma and spent his formative years in a variety of locations as his father, a sergeant in the field artillery, was transferred from post to post. Three years in Germany made an indelible impression on Billingsley and he has returned to Europe as an adult many times. Billingsley teaches sculpture at the School of Art & Design, East Carolina University, and has a very active exhibition schedule. Billingsley's work can be found in collections and sculpture parks from North Carolina to Wisconsin. He has permanent public sculptures in Norway, Israel, Estonia, Japan, China and Brazil.

Visit billingsleyatelier.com to learn more about Carl Billingsley.

Samuel's Altar

Samuel's Altar

Artist: Shawn Morin, Bowling Green, OH
Media: Mixed Granites
Location: Cumberland Square Park

The bulk of my creative explorations over the past fifteen years has centered around general Biblical themes, specific texts, and/or overarching truths. While not every work can be traced back to the Word of God, Samuel’s Altar is, indeed, another piece in the ongoing series of thematic sculpture. Specifically, Samuel’s Altar highlights the occasion when the prophet built an altar to the Lord after the Ark of the Covenant was returned to Israel following its Philistine possession.

Shawn Morin received his M.F.A. in sculpture from the University of Georgia at Athens in 1986. He began teaching that same year at Buck's Rock, an international fine arts summer camp for kids in New Milford, Connecticut. He spent three summers at Buck's Rock while teaching part-time at Plymouth State College before accepting his current position at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Now, in his twenty first year as the Sculpture Program Head, Morin has also served as Chair of the Three Dimensional Studies, Assistant Director of the School of Art, and Graduate Coordinator.

As an artist Morin has been affiliated with and represented by more than seventeen galleries across the US from New York to Los Angeles and has participated in more than 130 national, international, juried and invitational exhibitions including 15 solos shows, 5 two-person shows, and 32 large-scale outdoor sculpture exhibits. Also included in these exhibitions are 2 shows at the internationally recognized US sculpture parks Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey and Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton Ohio. Morin's work has received numeros awards including 3 Best of Show awards and his work is included in 51 public and private collections throughout the US and Seoul, South Korea.

Visit shawnmorinsculpture.com to learn more about Shawn Morin.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

Artist: Cliff Tresner, Monroe, LA
Media: Steel

The visual imagery of the written word and the spaces between the letters are intriguing. I enjoy the ephemeral and abstract nature of words and the relationship between words and the fleeting and abstract nature of human existence.

Through the word imagery I have revisited the human form as a venue for exploration. Writing allows me incorporate the diversity of my inspirations into a single voice expressed through the human form.

Cliff Tresner comes from a farming background on the plains of Illinois/Indiana. He attended Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN, and awarded the BFA degree in Sculpture/Woodworking, 1990. From there he came to the south, attending The University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS receiving his MFA degree in sculpture, 1994. Mr. Tresner has been teaching sculpture and drawing at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, LA since 1997. He has received many grants and awards including the Louisiana Division of Arts Fellowship, Northeast Louisiana Arts Council’s “Artist of the Year Award”, 2007, a second place award for the National Outdoor Sculpture Competition in Lakeland, FL, and numerous Career Advancement Grants from the Louisiana Division of the Arts. Mr. Tresner has an extensive exhibition record and his recent focus has been on large-scale outdoor public sculpture with exhibitions in FL, LA, NY, NC, and MS. He is currently director of the University of Louisiana’s Sculpture Garden, a national outdoor exhibition space for artists and is Director of the University’s Bry Hall Gallery, bringing artists of all disciplines to campus for exhibitions and lectures.

Visit clifftresner.com to learn more about Cliff Tresner.